Own a website to get you noticed. Showcase your strengths.


STRONGSUIT is the first web development service to specialize in personal websites for college students seeking to stand out from the crowd.

STRONGSUIT was founded by me, Liam Llorin, an incoming student at Stanford University, pursuing a passion for front-end development and a yearning to translate skill into service. You can think of my personal websites as online resumes with personality and elegance, tools to showcase specialties and bolster individual branding.

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Should you have a personal website?

There are many reasons to say yes. Allow me to condense them.


From Google: the percentage of employers who research candidates online before meeting them for the first time.


Percent, according to Workfolio, of hiring managers who are more impressed by a candidate's personal website than any other individual branding tool.


The percent of job-seekers who actually have a personal website - Forbes.


Pageviews that my own website recieved in its first three months, from 10 separate countries and 76 different cities.

Websites have as much longevity as the domain wherein they reside. Other tools, such as Linkedin, could become outdated and replaced within a couple of years (think Myspace).


Employers can find you without you finding them. You can't hand out your resume or linkedin account to every potential employer, so an easy-to-find url does the trick for you.


Simply having a personal website will allow you to stand out. On top of this, your personality and preferences will be my priorities to express. Each page is sleek and unique, sure to make a lasting impression.


You dictate what employers find when they look you up. Will they view your poorly judged selfies from Halloween night or your unprecedented sales while interning at a startup over the Summer? It is up to you.


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